If you want to have the Buy / Sell buttons enabled, please read this page and copy/paste the agreement part to us.

Notice, Disclaimer and Contract

The intent of this agreement is to clarify your use of the Day Trader software and its limits and natural boundaries.

By using the Day Trader software you are constructively agreeing with the terms and conditions of this contract. If you have questions about this contract you are encouraged to get advice from a lawyer that you trust.

If there is any law in your jurisdiction that would supersede this contract and its contents, then you may not use the Day Trader because the contract is voided in part or in whole. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your location.

We do not know your personal financial skill level, the risks you can afford to take, nor your ability to consistently follow a set of rules. Trading and Investing naturally include risk for the purpose of gaining an advantage that isn't guaranteed. The Day Trader software is designed to present stocks with high liquidity of Options and good daily range of price movement.

The "Live" version of the Day Trader offers the ability to send messages to your brokerage account (Interactive Brokers). The Day Trader system works on a best effort to communicate with the IB platform but it was never intended to be bulletproof. There are many points where the communication with IB can fail or be with errors. For example, the network might be down, or their servers are offline. There could be a glitch in the computer that causes a rare transient error. For all these problems to be resolved, it would take significantly more software and attention as an Institutional customer might have. This program is a retail product and is presented as such. It must be given your supervision to ensure all the trades are done as you intended when clicking buttons on the screen.

The Day Trader passes messages to the IB platform. That's all it does. And the only safeguard that the end result is to your liking is by your attention. In this respect, the Day Trader is a convenience and not a substitute for your knowing how to work with IB staff and their software.


I, _______________ , understand and accept that the Day Trader software operates as a simple message passing convenience for my benefit and that I must monitor all the trading messages for accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

By emailing this to Steven @ DayTraderGenius.com, I take responsibility for monitoring and adjusting trades as may be required. I agree that I have back up communication ready for my contacting IB in the event that there are unforeseen communication shortfalls that I acknowledge cannot be anticipated or safeguarded against.

I wish to have the Buy / Sell buttons enabled for my account Membership ID ______.

I acknowledge that all responsibility for staying current on updates, and changes to the Day Trader system, are mine and I will make ongoing efforts to ensure I have obtained up to date information.

I acknowledge that by copying and completing this Agreement and returning it to DayTraderGenius.com that I will be given the opportunity to use the Buy / Sell button within the Day Trader system on the terms described above. Nothing anyone associated with the Day Trader system says will alter these terms.

Date: ___________________________

Signature: _________________________