The normal subscriptions are price accurate but the volume isn't accurate. We NEED accurate volume.

There is a screenshot at the bottom. Here are the names of what we're looking for:

  • Amex (Network B/CTA) 
  • Nasdaq (Network C/UTP)
  • NYSE (Network A/CTA)
  • OPRA (US Options Exchange)

The first three are for true volume data from the exchanges. This is essential to see the activity. Volume is very important for day-traders. The OPRA subscription is necessary for Options trading.

There are some free ("waived") choices. Don't get them unless you need them. Traders that are funded by non-USD accounts will need the FX (Foreign exchange) data to bring money into their accounts.

The web click-path and the names change for the subscriptions. Generally, the data feed will be under account management.

 Older video:  This screenshot is recent: