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Skeptical? You should be with all of the junk on the market these days. 

We have a much higher standard. Did you know that the Day Trader Genius took over 15 years to be released? 

It has also undergone an additional decade of refinement since then.





"Because we wanted it to work."

Allen Maxwell 

Our system is phenomenal and robust. Your trial comes with Basic Coaching to ensure that you don't get lost and can apply the tools effectively.

So, that's 10-days for free and a 30-day money back guarantee after you become a Live member.

If you're a trader then you know risk?

Where is the risk here?   

Contact us with your preferred first and last name so we can create your account and connect you with a coach.

We are having a great time behind those doors BTW.  

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Allen and Steven about the genesis of the program. Find out how everything came together over a few decades and resulted in the Day Trader.

Interview with Allen and Steven: June 24 from Trader Genius on Vimeo.