Facebook May 31, 2018

Scott Bucks comments about this trade:

"Before the market opens I set my optimum entry points (target price 1) and anticipated exit price (target price 2) on my favorite stocks.  I’ve been watching FB to break out above the critical price of $190 and today it came close a couple of times, but finally broke out.  I bought it on a volume spike a little early and bought 10 contracts just under my pre-set entry.  I sold 5 at a breakeven point because I wasn’t confident the stock would move (rookie jitters!); when it started to move up I started selling the remainder off.  I sold 3 contracts at about 30% profit; 1 contract at about 50% and I held one runner till a 68% profit.  The “W” filters worked perfectly!  Overall profit was 20% on the trade. Thanks Steven, for your great coaching.  After lots of practice and conservative live trading, its starting to pay off!"


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