RTN June 21, 2018


Jim London

Before the market opened I did my pre-trading ritual. At that time I had placed Raytheon (RTN) and other stocks on my shortlist. I choose Raytheon because I saw an opportunity that fit my rules for a down move. RTN has been trending down for a couple of days at that time. Before the market opened I set my entry at the previous low. My anticipated exit point would be just before it hits 193.25. so when SPY and the basket started the day going down. I focused on my stocks that I had selected for a bear market. Waited until 937 for it to break the previous Low. And because I saw strength in the bear market and a volume spike I got in. And as soon as I saw RTN hitting my target of 193.25 I closed my order. The order was split in two in the seconds that it took to be filled and because of the downwards momentum, I got an additional gain of 23 cents. For an average profit of 26% in 20 seconds. Which is probably my fastest trade with this result. Love the system that makes it easy for me to get these results.