susan TOD

NFLX July 17, 2018

Like any other trading day, I woke up and checked Day Trader Genius to see if there was anything that fit my rules for trading. I saw that NFLX took quite a loss and gapped more than $50.  I expected that at least a portion of that gap would fill. With massive volume and clear signals, I tried to enter an earlier trade but didn't get filled because of issues with IB. So I waited for NFLX to come back off the SF support line and meet my rules for entry. I wasn't quite sure how far it would go because it was past 100% of the average daily range. I saw my signal for exit and I took it with a 51% profit in 11 min.  A very similar trade set up occurred shortly after my first exit and I entered again and managed 76% profit in 14 min.  Very happy with these trades because they show the potential of my strategy and what can happen when conditions are good for it.

Trader of the Month: Coach Susan from Trader Genius on Vimeo.